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Before you get any farther, please read:

Joseph's Solution (Event 2's Prologue)A month has passed since the conclusion of the Festival of Spring. The Alphas- Markel, Hiro, Lilac, Shao, Icilia, and Rosemary Bates of Spires Hollow- gathered around the great long table within Coradine Fortress. Cool, fragrant evening breezes lifted off the surface of the water below, and firelight flickered from lit braziers along the wall.  At last, after a long hour of meeting, it was Markel's turn to speak.
"I've not got much to report. The festival went off without a hitch- GREAT food, by the way, Madame Little- and other than sitting on babies and cleaning out dens, Viridis is pretty quiet. But, ah... there is something else I wanna talk about. Remember the little one who fell in the river a moon past?" A spattering of nods. " Aye. He and his parents are some of mine. So if everyone's done, I'd like to move the discussion towards our plans for the Kalea River. Anyone got any bright ideas?"
“I may have...something," Hiro said slowly. All eyes turned to the head of the

Reminder! This event closes in two days!

: Good day. Some of you know me, and some of you have yet to meet me...My name is Saffron, and I've been charged with giving out the notice for this...expedition. Put shortly, the Council has finally come to a decision on how to cross the Kalea river safely. However, this requires a trip into unknown territory. I will allow more familiar faces to fill you in on what's going on and what you can do to help.

: Hey! I'm Connor! I lead the faction known as the North Rangers. Granma Rosemary wants us to be in charge of security during this adventure, so you'll get to know me an' my mates pretty well. We're going on a tree hunt! Heheh.

: That doesn't mean you HUMANS get to do whatever you want. You're there for defensive purposes only, and we don't have resources or the know how to keep you from getting sick or hurt if you get attacked or eat something funny looking. So use some common sense, if you have any. This journey isn't for the faint of heart, nor the stupid.  Everyone else should just stay home, and help prep the ground for planting, maybe pack us some food for the trip, if you're feeling generous.

: …

: Errrrrr, what Icilia means is--

: I meant what I said. Don't try to change it to be more 'reasonable' or whatever you diplomatic types aspire to be. If they want to help out, they can help out, if not, let them stay here and get swallowed up by the river. It would be all too easy to take a misstep into the rushing current.

The Council has sanctioned an expedition off to the Jungle of Boska to the West of the human providences, a mostly unknown land that has many trials in store for those who venture there.


For those who are venturing out to Boska

  • Gather samples of flora that have not yet been discovered. (Players are encouraged to create new species of plants rather than using the ones that already exist on earth)
  • Be on guard for animals that may or may not attack during the expedition.
  • Find a tree that matches the description given (Feel free to experiment, there are many varieties of trees that grow in water beds and have vines!)

{Bonus} For members of the Dawnstar Defense or the Northern Rangers who are venturing out to Boska

  • Protect the party from animal attacks
  • Advise against eating plants that are of unknown species or that are known to do harm
  • Casually invite members of the expedition to join your faction

For those remaining behind

  • Assist in gathering food for the long trip
  • Transport carts full of food to Castilia cove
  • Tend to the soil surrounding the point that is to be the site of the bridge by removing reeds, but be careful of the river!

(Keep in mind that these are just general points, if you can think of anything else you'd like to add to your version of what happens, feel free! Only ONE of these general points--or your own idea, needs to be touched upon in your writing or depiction. You can feel free to work with a partner if you'd like to collaborate too.)

This event will end the moment it becomes August 1st Central time Count Down timer.

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