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As the summer comes to an end, the trees change to their autumn dress of golds, reds, oranges and browns. The wind cools as well, carrying the scents of the coming harvest with it. According to tradition, the citizens of the Valley gather together to welcome this cooler season after the long heat of the summer. For the people of Siyyon, Autumn is a time of relaxation. With the long work of harvest long behind them, and the Winter before them, it's a last chance to spend time with friends before they go into hibernation or hole up in their homes during the colder months to come.  

Autumn's Welcome Feast

End Date: October 17th

To kick off the holiday season, denizens of the Valley hold a terrific harvest feast. While smaller celebrations are held in each territory, a much larger festival is held in the Coradine Keep and Spire's Hollow for the Taurs and Humans respectively. While traditionally the two celebrations are separate, since the signing of the treaty and the formation of the Council, the two races have allowed those who would like to learn the customs of the other race to pass the border and join them at the large party in Coradine/Spire's Hollow instead.

Only one activity is required to be acknowledged as participation, here are a few of the things you could draw/write. Keep in mind which party you're having your character attend!


Wood Carving

Harvesting fields

Hay rides

Ghost Stories

Food Preparation/Baking

Bobbing for Apples

Matched Ribbons/Paired Dancing- Comment to find out which character you've been paired with!

Gathering/Patching warm clothes

Decorating the area


Elemental Magic Ritual (Coradine)

Spirit Animal Talent Show Routine (Spire's Hollow)
If you have more ideas, you can do those also! These are just an example selection

Grab bag- Allows for one random old memento to be gathered. If you choose to do this one, you'll have to do another for us to consider you eligible for this year's participation token. Comment in the journal if you'd like to try your luck (This can only be done once).

Submit all drawn or written articles for this event into the plot and events folder, and have fun!

Hallow's Eve
End Date: November 28th
With the last feast of the Harvest out of the way, the people of the valley have settled in for the long nights to come. These nights, the ones in which the dead are closest to the living, have become known as the time of Hollow's Eve. Many dress in costume, going from territory to territory, door to door, shouting that age old ultimatum: "Trick or Treat!" Long is this history of what might befall any foolish adult unwilling to distribute the gifts of the season to erstwhile ghouls and goblins. Beware, however, if you choose to go trick or treating you may fall victim to some mischievous spirits who are playing pranks on those who would wander at night.

For all the lighthearted festivities, though, this time of year is still considered sacred. Many denizens of the Valley spend the waning light of Autumn in reflection, remembering those who have passed away by visiting shrines or conducting rituals to spend one night with their loved ones. While taurs tend to welcome the deceased back to them on these nights, most humans fear the return of the dead, and post guard by the gates of their cemeteries to keep dearly departed where they belong. Depending on their heritage, Faevyn might choose to follow all, or none, of these traditions.

Only one activity is required to be acknowledged as participation, here are a few of the things you could draw/write.


Pumpkin Carving

Costume Design

Shrine visiting (Taur-kin and Faevyn)

Lantern Vigil (Humans and Faevyn)

Fireside Story telling

Again, these are just samples of what you can do, if you have any other ideas, feel free.

Trick or Treating- You may do this twice a week, once on a Monday and again on a Friday, once for each territory. Comment below with "Trick or treating in X territory" to see what you end up with! When you receive your results, you can feel free to draw/write about the experience to count as participation.

Submit all drawn or written articles for this event into the plot and events folder, and have fun!
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