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"Goooood evening, beasts and birds! Fish, and felines! Ladies, and gentlemen! My name is Pelli- and this is my brother, Soren. We're the new Alphas taking charge of Skeo, now that Alpha Hiro has descended into the lowlands of Esurien to be closer to his family. We've been tasked with taking over the festivities for this year's All Hallow's Eve celebration!

"Though my brother and I are new to our joint position, parties are actually a bit of a specialty of ours. Well, mine. Soren mostly watches. Heeheeho! Whether you are a watcher or a partier, we hope you are enjoying the season and will consider getting your claws dirty for some good old-fashioned fun!

"How does one go about dirtying one's claws, you ask? Well!

"For those of you new to the area, this time of year is very special to people of the Valley. As the days grow shorter and the first frosts of winter spread icy fingers over the land, the veil between this world and the next wanes thin. We call this time of year 'The Season of Memory'. Over the course of the next few weeks, humans and Taur-kin alike journey to graveyard, shrine, and burial chamber to honor our friends and ancestors who have passed away. It is a somber time of year.

"Soren may like somber things, but I do not! Fortunately, at the end of the season, we like to send off the spirits of the dead in style! All Hallow's Eve is a celebration of the deaths of our ancestors as well as their lives, and is always celebrated by laughter, revelry, and mischief. This year, Soren and I  are hosting a parade so colorful that the Ancestors themselves will want to join in! All denizens of the valley are encouraged to partake in the festivities. We hope to see you there!"


Part I:
As Pelli pointed out, the Season of Memory is a time when the Valley of Siyyon remembers those who have passed.

All species and peoples have different traditions surrounding death and mourning. Humans, for instance, generally bury their dead, and the graveyard in Spires Hollow is the final resting place for much of the human population. The bird clans of Skeo tend to cremate their deceased, and make great ceremony of spreading the ashes over places once dear to the departed. In Okeanos, deep-water caves have long served as a place to inter Taur-kin remains, while the nomadic tribes of Viridis and Praevalare stand little on ceremony, sending their dead to the beyond with a prayer and only thin layer of soil scattered over the body. These tribes carry the memory of their loved ones with them in the form of carved effigies, and often speak of the dead as if they are still watching.

Whatever your character's background, your task is to depict them observing the season, remembering those who have come before and reflecting upon their lives. This part of the event is a private observance. It does not require sign-up, and can be done at leisure!

Part II:
Soren and Pelli are excited to announce that they are hosting this year's All Hallow's Eve celebration! They have all kinds of events planned, from apple-bobbing to party-games to dancing under light of the stars. This grand (and, knowing Pelli, flamboyant) celebration culminates in the 'Little Devil's Parade', where citizens dress up in colorful costume and march down the sides of the Skeo mountains with torches in hand. If dressing up in wild costumes and carousing down the mountainside isn't your thing, you may choose to participate in any number of the other games Pelli has set up for your enjoyment, or you may simply to spectate; the trail of lights leading from the start of the parade to the end is quite the sight to see from afar.

RSVP in the comments section with your name, character, and a short description of how they will be participating by October 7th so that the Alphas know how many candied apples to make!

Sign Ups:
Leunbrund - Marigold - Bearing a torch in the Parade!
Mariannefosho- Lazuli - Participating in the Parade!

Event submissions close on October 31st at midnight, Central Time.
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After taking a couple days to make my character, I found out that I can't draw! Yay! Good for me! *random people clap* Just kidding..., but really, I can't draw, anyway, if I were, and probably am, going to make a written character were would I put it? Is there a folder or something?
Leunbrund Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015   Digital Artist
There is! Please take a look at this journal for steps on how to join, and other relevant info.

The process for written apps is the same as for visual ones. Basically, hit the JOIN button at the top of our home page, and include a link to your written character app in the box provided. We'll take a look over it and get back to you with any small edits if necessary. Once your app has been accepted and you've been sent a membership invite, you can submit it to the group gallery at your leisure (there are steps for how to do that near the bottom of this journal). C;

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Leunbrund Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015   Digital Artist
Why thank you! :D We would love to have you along for the ride, in the event that you're able to find an art program that works for you (or if you decide you want to write, after all). If money is an issue, you could always try GIMP or SAI. The first is free, while the second is low-cost (or maybe also free? It's been a while since I looked and I heard rumor).
MsMagma729 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015  New Deviant
Thank you from referring those programs I'll go look at them now! Can't wait to get started! :3
Leunbrund Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015   Digital Artist
;D hooray! Can't wait to see what kind of character you come up with!
xAbyssalRemnantx Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was wondering, is this group still going on? I've looked around at it and I find everything about it fascinating. It would be a shame for a group as unique as this to die. D:
Leunbrund Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015   Digital Artist
(I know this is probably a second post, but yes! We are totally still active! Quiet at the moment, but we're around for anyone wants to take part. Looking forward to seeing what kinds of stories you might tell :)))
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